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Group Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction Sessions For You And Your Loved Ones


Heather Marshal - Group Spiritual Direction Services

My Group Spiritual Direction services are designed to guide individuals on their unique spiritual journeys within the nurturing environment of a supportive group. Drawing from my extensive experience and deep understanding of spiritual practices, I create a sacred space where participants can explore their inner selves. This will strengthen their connection with the divine, and allow them to receive personalized guidance for their spiritual growth. Through my compassionate and intuitive facilitation, I foster a sense of community and collaboration. Further encouraging group members to share their insights, questions, and challenges openly, and to receive collective wisdom and support.

What is Group Spiritual Direction?

Group Spiritual Direction is a powerful and transformative process that brings individuals together in a supportive and sacred setting to explore and deepen their spiritual journeys. In a group setting, participants have the opportunity to receive guidance, support, and companionship from both a skilled facilitator and fellow seekers on the spiritual path. Group Spiritual Direction provides a space for sharing insights, asking questions, and discussing challenges, allowing for collective wisdom to emerge. Through a combination of prayer, reflection, active listening, and discernment, individuals are guided to connect more deeply with their inner selves, the divine, and their unique spiritual paths. 


Benefits of Group Sessions Vs Individual

In summary, group spiritual direction offers the benefits of enhanced perspective through diverse viewpoints and collective wisdom. It provides a supportive community that fosters a sense of belonging, mutual encouragement, and accountability. Additionally, group sessions offer cost-effectiveness and increased accessibility. These unique advantages make group spiritual direction a valuable and enriching experience for those seeking spiritual guidance and growth.


In Person Group Direction in Nanaimo

If you are located in Nanaimo, we have the wonderful opportunity to conduct our group sessions in person, creating a deeper level of connection and presence. Meeting face-to-face allows for a more immediate and tangible experience, where we can share our spiritual journeys in a physical space. Engaging in group spiritual direction in person fosters a sense of community, as we gather together in a shared location to explore and support one another on our individual paths.


Furthermore, it provides a chance to establish a more intimate and personal connection with fellow participants, facilitating a deeper level of empathy, understanding, and collaboration. Conducting our group sessions in person in Nanaimo brings the added benefit of experiencing the beauty and energy of the local surroundings, which can further enhance the spiritual atmosphere and inspire our collective growth.

Group Services VIA ZOOM

If you are not located in Nanaimo, there's no need to worry. I offer my services to clients across Canada and the United States through online platforms like Zoom. Despite the physical distance, conducting group sessions remotely allows us to connect and engage in spiritual direction from the comfort of our own spaces. Through the power of technology, we can create a virtual sacred space where individuals from different locations can come together and share their spiritual journeys.


Moreover, Zoom provides a reliable and convenient platform that enables us to have meaningful discussions, receive guidance, and cultivate a supportive community regardless of geographical location. So, whether you're in Nanaimo or anywhere else in Canada or the US, I am committed to serving you and facilitating your spiritual growth through the convenience of online group sessions.

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