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Individual Spiritual Counselling

Individual Spiritual Counselling Sessions To Strengthen Your Faith


Heather Marshall - Spiritual Counsellor

I am Heather Marshall, a dedicated Spiritual Counselor with a rich holistic healing and personal growth background. For over a decade, I have been privileged to guide individuals on transformative journeys, helping them discover their most profound truths. My approach is unique and empathetic, blending traditional counselling techniques with spiritual practices to facilitate comprehensive healing and self-discovery. I genuinely believe in the power of the spirit to overcome life's challenges, and I am committed to helping you unlock your full potential.

What is Individual Spiritual Direction?

Individual Spiritual Direction is a deeply personal and transformative process that involves guiding individuals on their spiritual journey. This practice is built on the understanding that every person has a unique spiritual path. My role as a spiritual director is to accompany you on this journey, providing support, insight, and encouragement. The focus is helping you establish a deeper connection with your higher self or conception of the divine while navigating life's challenges. We uncover your spiritual inclinations, values, and aspirations through reflective conversations, fostering greater self-awareness and spiritual growth. This process is not about providing solutions or answers but creating a space to explore and deepen your spirituality at your own pace.


The Three Pillars of Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction, grounded in the three pillars of Discernment, Companioning, and Deep Listening, offers a powerful pathway towards deeper self-understanding and spiritual growth. It's a journey that respects and values your unique spiritual path, offering support and guidance as you navigate life's complexities and challenges. As your spiritual counsellor, my aim is to create a compassionate, non-judgmental space where you can explore and deepen your spirituality at your own pace. Remember, this journey is yours - I am here simply to accompany you, offering insights and reflections that can illuminate your path. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


In-Person Spiritual Counselling Nanaimo

I am pleased to offer in-person Spiritual Counselling sessions for all clients located in Nanaimo and the broader Central Vancouver Island region. If you are within a reasonable driving distance, you are more than welcome to experience the transformative journey of spiritual counselling in a face-to-face setting. I understand the value of personal connection, and the comfort and rapport that comes from being in the same physical space. For those who are located within this area, in-person sessions provide an opportunity to deepen our therapeutic relationship, enhancing the holistic healing process. Please feel free to reach out to discuss any potential concerns regarding distance or travel; my goal is to make spiritual counselling as accessible and beneficial as possible for you.

Individual  Sessions
VIA Zoom

I understand that distance can be a barrier for some individuals seeking spiritual counselling, and I am committed to making my services accessible to all, regardless of location. To this end, I am pleased to offer long-distance sessions using digital platforms such as Zoom. These virtual sessions allow me to connect with clients who are not in the Nanaimo or Central Vancouver Island area, or those who simply prefer the convenience of remote counselling. Despite the physical distance, rest assured that the quality of our engagement and the depth of the counselling process remain uncompromised. We will still journey together towards self-discovery and spiritual growth, ensuring your comfort and privacy in a space that suits you best. Regardless of where you are located, my commitment to your spiritual journey remains the same.


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