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Heather Marshall
Spiritual Services

Spiritual Direction Services - Find Peace Within Your Existence

Reiki Healing

Like a gentle breeze that rustles the leaves of a tree, my passion for assisting others has steered me towards a profound journey of self-discovery and inner exploration. This journey has blossomed into a deep commitment towards the beautiful art of Reiki. My approach? As tender and nurturing as a mother's touch, designed to foster the restoration of emotional, physical, and metaphysical well-being in my clients.

In my little sanctuary of peace, I offer a variety of Reiki services, each one thoughtfully tailored to cater to your unique needs. Perhaps you're looking for a traditional, one-on-one Reiki session, or maybe distance Reiki is more your style. Either way, my aspiration is to deliver a healing experience that leaves you feeling as serene and balanced as a tranquil lake at dawn.

Group Spiritual direction

With a fondness for collaborative environments, I've spent countless years guiding a myriad of gatherings, each one as diverse as the last. My experience in spiritual direction and various learning environments has enabled me to blend a flavorful cocktail of activities that breathe life into these meetings. Picture this: we start off with the reflective act of journaling, followed by the enchanting art of storytelling. We then dive into the calming waters of meditation, paint our spirituality through creative arts, and wrap up with a session of contemplative prayer. After all, every individual carries a unique story within them, waiting to be told.


In these sessions, I nurture a space where participants can take a step back from their ego, allowing them to bask in the freedom that comes from letting go of judgment and comparison. As we create this environment of open-mindedness, we learn to truly hear and appreciate the stories of others. This exercise in active listening often sparks transformative revelations, encouraging participants to rewrite their future narratives. In a world often polarized and quick to debate, I find it crucial to develop this listening muscle, enriching our capacity for understanding and empathy.

Individual Spiritual Guidance

I warmly invite you to set forth on a transformative journey with me, Heather, as your mentor. Our shared goal is to deepen your connection with your authentic self, that truest, most sincere part of who you are. In my role as your empathetic guide, I will encourage you to navigate the depths of your being, revealing the complex connections it has to your perception of the divine. With my expertise and guidance, we'll create a supportive environment that nurtures self-exploration and encourages personal growth.

Together, we'll collaborate closely to identify and employ a variety of tools and techniques that align with your unique needs and dreams. As we advance on this journey, you'll naturally gravitate towards a sense of completeness and expand your ability to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. My ultimate aim is to empower you to fully embrace your spiritual path, thereby unlocking your immense potential.

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